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How to be Spontaneous and Casual when you present – it’s not what you think

I don’t want to practice because I want to have a spontaneous presentation – like Steve Jobs was famous for.”

When my client said this to me, I was so glad she explained it this way. I could totally see her desire to have her presentation flow, appear spontaneous, off the cuff, and in the moment. These are all excellent things to aim for. And, certainly, they are words that would describe some of the great presentations – like Steve Jobs did so very well.

Where my client was mistaken is the path that those like Steve Jobs take to get there. I didn’t know this gentleman, and am not privy to his approach, but I am willing to bet that he spent a great deal of time preparing. My guess is that he prepared so that he would look like he didn’t prepare! Make sense?

The only way to be sure to communicate your content, with the intention you want for the audience is to prepare, prepare, prepare. It’s only when you know exactly what you want to say, you know precisely what your audience wants to hear, and how they like to hear it from you that you can then inject your style, and make it your very own. Can you ever be like Steve Jobs? I say: Why not???

The key here is to Prepare in order to be spontaneous.

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