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Great presenters present their IDEAS


You’ve seen great presentations, and you’ve likely admired great presenters. Yes, there are tips, tricks and approaches that work best.

I will share with you much of what I know to work, based on years of experience, observing, succeeding, failing, learning, growing, researching. I believe that it’s an honour to stand in front of a group, taking up their time. We have a duty to give something back.

We must provide content, as well as an engaging delivery of that content. Presenters owe to their audience the courtesy of preparing content that will resonate with them, as well as a style that will engage them.

I believe that great presenters present their IDEAS

Intention: why are you presenting?
Design: What structure best fits your intention?
Engagement: Who are you inviting to participate with your design?
Audience: Engaged or not, how do you handle the audience?
Sizzle: When the presentation is ready, will there be sizzle?

Yes, the powerpoint slides need to look good (and there are do’s and don’ts about that!), but a great presentation is so much more than that!

Start with your intention. Why are you there? What do you intend for your audience? What do you want them to think, feel or do differently when they walk away? If you can’t answer these questions, or if the answer is that you are there because you were asked to fill in some time, then this might be the time to practice saying ‘no’. Or, this is the time to set your intention.

Think of it this way. What type of presenter would you prefer if you were in the audience? A presenter who is just there to fill the time? Or one who wants for the audience to gain some new insight, to learn something new, or see something in a creative way?

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