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Well, this is exciting!  Creating is exciting.  So is Presenting, by the way.
If you don’t equate Presenting with Fun, or with Excitement, then I am so glad that we are meeting.

One of my life’s missions is to get more people to say “Yes!” when they are asked to make a presentation.  I want for you to be excited.  The main reason?  Because being excited, as I’ve been learning from a few smart people like Dr. Adam Grant, and Susan Cain, is letting your internal system be in ‘go’ mode.  That will translate into delivering an engaging and energetic presentation or talk.  This is in sharp contrast to trying to calm yourself right down in order to get rid of any nerves.  Calming yourself down sends your system into ‘stop’ mode, which is not particularly engaging.

So, speaking of Creating.  I’m in the midst of creating my Awesome Tool for Presenters, where I share some specific ways to Engage your Audience.  That’s usually the first question I get when I finish a presentation.  “How can I engage my audience like you did today, Hélène?”.  Good news: it’s learnable.

Also, you can count on learning specific Delivery tips.  What are the things that Great Presenters do when they deliver their talk to audiences large and small?
It will all be packaged in a unique way that will be easy to read, and very actionable.  And by that I mean, things you can actually do and implement to become a Great Presenter.

The concept is IDEAS: Intention, Delivery, Engagement, Audience, Sizzle.  I know that these are the components that bring a Great Presenter to life in front of any audience.  And, I can’t wait to share it with you!

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